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Wife. Mom. Traveller. Story Teller. Bron.

Of all of those labels, mom is the one that makes me most proud. I have a husband who is a laugh a minute, and a daughter who is his mini-me.  They are hard work. And I adore them. I snap away at them pretty much all day long. Because I want to remember every.single.second of this life with them. (And I watch all the videos of my daughter over and over when she goes to sleep!)


Photographs have always been a passion of mine. I have all of my late grandmothers photo albums, and I love going through them all to see a life that was before me. Every faded image of their history. What my mom was like when she was my age, and how cute I was as a kid! I want your grand children to do the same…


I was born in Durban, raised in Swaziland, and now living back in Umhlanga with my husband Dean, daughter Harlow, son Bear & Scotty x Daschund (we think?!) Harley. Yes, Harlow & Harley. We didn’t think that one through…


We love to travel, and travelling for weddings is my dream come true. We have been to the most magic places to capture love – it has been an incredible privilege. But I love the local weddings just as much, and couldn’t have asked for a better job. It’s literally the best day of that couples life. Every weekend! What started out as a hobby in 2011, ended in a couple of free family shoots for friends, and then the magic that is weddings when friends asked me to capture their special day. The journey has been incredible, making so many friends that are clients & industry colleagues along the way.


I like to hope that my work has a very real and authentic feel to it. The way I witness it on the day. Letting the magic naturally unfold without much interference. I’d love you to trust me with your day. And leave you with a story for your grandchildren to page through one day when you and your love are wrinkly, old and grey.

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