I offer one-on-one basic photography lessons for those that want to learn how to use their fancy camera,  as well as mentorships for those wanting to take their photography business to the next level.

So drop me a mail and we can chat further about that if it sounds up your alley


The Mommy & Me Workshop I offer is a morning of lots of information! In a very relaxed group atmosphere, we will go through the settings that your camera offers, and I will go into depth about the settings that you will use the most (think blurry background and nice and sharp images). I will explain things like composition, getting the best natural lighting, and trying to get the best out of your kids/ grandkids to get the most of of your images. All while answering your questions along the way in case something sounds completely out the box!


We’ll chat a bit about editing, showing you some tips and tricks and the best programmes that are inexpensive (or free) so that you can keep practising at home. We’ll have a light lunch, followed by a little shoot, where you’ll be able to photograph some cute, photogenic kids, and get to put your new skills to the test. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please drop me a mail to and I’ll let you know when the next one is taking place! 

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